February 26, 2013

imagesWe didn’t get to talk about the Oscars yesterday so I thought we’d do it today. Jeff doesn’t watch the show says it’s to boring and too long , but that aside did you guys agree with the winners. Jeff hasn’t seen any of the movies yet but felt Lincoln should have one because it stood the best chance of being historically accurate. What you say you don’t think Argo was real? To answer that I have to ask do you think that a mission so secret as this one had to be that there would be books published afterword, I don’t think so, I knew somebody that if they had been on that mission and he had been ordered to never talk about it, he wouldn’t of had even on his death bed. Now Lincoln I know they had to make up some conversations and such but Lincoln is a huge part of history do the basic story had to be correct and since there were no cell phone cameras recording the events back then I give them more latitude then Argo. Zero dark Thirty is even more likely to be untrue considering the size of the event being depicted. Jeff says being old and having a fantastic memory for important events in hi s lifetime lets him see how people change history to fit a more popular opinion. The on easiest to prove is the history of Rock and Roll When Norman Knight first wrote about Alan Freed coining the phrase Rock and Roll he said the song was the B side The Bill Haley hit Called Rock a Baby Rock but all the DJ’s were playing the A side so eventually it became known as the first song to be called Rock and Roll that song was Rock Around the Clock. Now unless you were old enough and interested enough to pay attention back then you wouldn’t know that fact. Another thing about history is whose version you read study world war two from the American view and then look at French, English, and Russian views and you will some differences based on point of view. What gets Jeff really mad and he used to fight with his mom is he’ll remember an event so clearly as to even the clothes, time of day and whether the person was standing or sitting and years later when it comes up in discussion they deny  it even happened. When you guys get finished going Yeah right I’ll be sleeping CIAO.

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