February 21, 2013

soccer ballYesterday Jeff and I watched Barcelona play Milan in soccer this was a game Barcelona should win easily, well they didn’t. This was one of the worst officiated games I’ve seen at any level in a long time, the first goal for Milan came from an obvious hand touch that the ref. didn’t see or was paid not to see. There is evidence that at least six hundred soccer matches, including a couple in the World Cup were fixed, this might have been Six hundred in one. If it wasn’t then the coaching staff of Barcelona has some explaining to do because that’s the most lackluster game I have ever seen them play. When you live in a Latin country or anywhere else except the United States soccer is the no one sport so you get to watch a lot of it and you can see the differences at different levels. The best league is considered to be the English Premier League followed by the rest of Europe and finally South America. But the officials are all from the same source FIFA the governing body of soccer there are still some differences foe instance  the ones that do the Premier League games don’t take any back talk from the players in other parts of the  world the refs are more lenient. At some other time I’ll get more into this but right now I’m tired so CIAO.

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