February 25, 2013

SSSMonday why do people get so upset with Monday is it just because it means the weekend is over. What happens if they start work on Tuesday does that mean that Tuesday will become the most hated day of the week or will it still be Monday and if you have to work Saturday does it become TGIS and then what happens to Friday. This is all very confusing for me since I’m just a cat and could really care less. You see all days are the same to me I get up poop eat drink some water take a nap and then start all over again it’s my cycle of life. OK enough yesterday Medellin won its first game of the year hope it a sign of things to come. Jeff and Ruby enjoyed a day with absolutely nothing to do except lay around and relax not realizing of course by doing nothing they were going to make my job as a Blogger that much more difficult. Now because they did nothing I have nothing else to say so CIAO.

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