Bird Watching and The News

August 26, 2012

Well I got up an hour ago and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky now it’s totally cloudy and looks like rain, that folks is Colombian weather. The only good thing about this is the birds fly close to the building and even land on the window sills once I awhile. Remember when I yesterday when I talked about the bad headlines well here are two from today that are so opposite it’s hilarious. First there is the loss of a national icon then Snookie has her baby. Now I can understand Neal Armstrong’s dying is a nation news story of great importance, he was a real American hero, but Snookie has her baby who cares? I for one don’t how is this fatso having a baby national news on the same level with Neal’s death. I meant what I said about the world going to shit and this proves it. There was another story about the women of TOGO going on a sex strike to protest against the president, see what I mean how is this important. Well I’m all wound up so I think I’ll go and try to catch a bird on the balcony CIAO.

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