August 30, 2012

Jeff’s a little sad today his niece Janet left for Tokyo Japan today and will be gone for two whole years. He says he hopes she makes enough money to retire when she gets back, but he figures between taxes and work load she probably won’t. Jeff feels lucky to be retired, as he feels his other niece Kim feels the same way. People always told him he wouldn’t be able to do it, because he go crazy with nothing to do. Well when you have a two year old grand child who spends weekdays calling your name to come play with him you really can’t say you have nothing have to do. Still Jeff insists that if that wasn’t the case it wouldn’t bother him, he’s quite content to watch the shy change and take the occasional walk. He say it’s because most of his working life was spent in 60 or 70  hour work week and that being able to sit back and smell the Roses is fine with him, of course he loves the fact that I’m around to make him laugh and that Ruby is here and she doesn’t have to work every day. Jeff did write a book (Yet to be edited or published) but did that because he wanted to and it helped keep his imagination active. Both of his nieces are quite brilliant and he thinks they should write books to it would be fun to see which one wrote what. You know their father always wanted to sit down and write a book I don’t know about what but knowing him it would have been to intellectual for me maybe one could write a book for kids and the other could write about a hero cat and with that remark I bid you CIAO.

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