January 1, 2015

imagesWell were listening to a little Bob Dylan today and looking back at 2014. The year didn’t start out badly but it ended like shit. What the heck is going on cops shooting unarmed men? Cops being ambushed, racism is back like the early sixties (maybe it never went away). And just at the end of the year a 29 year old mother was shot to death by her 2 year old it was an accident but why does a mother living in a town of 9,000 need to carry a gun into Wal Mart. As you know I’m not anti gun but the proliferation of cop killings and people be shot by cops has me ready to rethink this. There were 3 fatal airline crashes this year, earthquakes, early snow storms, droughts, and now floods. We lost 42 musicians a number of celebrities to many by their own hand. Let’s hope all the bad shit is done for awhile and we can have a peaceful and joyful year in 2015. This is Flounder saying HAPPY NEW YEAR and CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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