January 13, 2015

epiphany-cartoonYesterday was a holiday in Colombia. It was Epiphany, which means it was a Catholic Holliday. Now Colombia is a Catholic country but when it comes to celebrating religious Holidays it’s not done in church. As is the norm for most holidays in Colombia it’s party time. At least this one tends to be less of a drunken one than others. I mean like Christmas Eve which is celebrated with fireworks and drunks. When I first got here I expected a special midnight mass whit massive attendance and a lot of pomp. But what I got was an all night party where people seemed to be trying see if they could single handily raise the gross national product for Colombia by consuming as much alcohol as possible. Yesterday was more about food just a few beers and some good fun family stories, Jeff enjoyed this one he hates Christmas eve but goes because his wife and the rest of the family does and he has always spent Christmas with family. It’s funny how countries that are referred to as Catholic or Muslim, Jewish, or what have you are usually anything but. Italy home of the Catholic Church spawned the worst criminal organization ever The Mafia; the Muslim countries are responsible for most of the terrorism in the world today, and Israel is the most war like country in history. And people want to know why Jeff doesn’t believe in religion. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.