January 23, 2015

important_stuffWell it’s Friday and I’ve had a busy week Jeff is working on finishing his book A Child Gone Missing. He had stopped writing for awhile because of his trip to the USA and some other stuff. But he appears to be ready to start again with a couple new ideas. As for me I have found it hard to find something to write about that I felt would interest my readers. Then I decided the hell with it I’ll write what I want and if they like it great if not that’s their problem. We had the State of the Union Address this week and that’s always fun. As expected the republicans responded with comments like Obama’s delusional. The Democrats go around saying see what we’ve done for you. Well folks I don’t think old Barack is delusional I just think he’s a politician. What worries most is what happens next? The house has already passed a bill that would limit abortion funding and the Pres says he Veto it. There are bill coming up that will affect the climate such as the Keystone Pipe line bill which again he says he’ll Veto. All this means, is that once again nothing will get accomplished and all the little folks will keep being screwed. This country as well as the world has to stop thinking in terms of what’s good for the politicians now and start looking realistically at the future. It’s a fact that we will run out of oil sometime I the future but the cheap gas prices are keeping the public from insisting on finding alternative fuel sources. And whether you like it or not we will run out of food soon especially if global warming keeps producing drought conditions in agricultural areas. And if the human race keeps improving longevity and infant survival the planet will soon look like an overcrowded ant farm. Now I know you’re saying oh we’ve got plenty of time to worry about that, do we? Scientist’s are constantly not only coming over to the Global Warming side of the ledger and as they do they are discovering the process is further ahead than they thought in the past. So if the Government doesn’t get off its ass and stop worrying about who’s is winning the pissing contest your children and their children won’t have to worry about the future because they won’t have one. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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