January 12, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell I know I said I was back and then I didn’t post anything. Part of the problem is there wasn’t anything but tragedy to write about and I just didn’t feel like writing about all that stuff. So I decided to take a look at why Jeff hasn’t finished his last book and was having problems with helping me with this blog. I going to say that the reason some people don’t try or stop taking chances isn’t the fear of failure you always hear about but rather the fear of success. Now let’s look at his if you go out and try something and you fail well you can always try again. People who watched you try and fail won’t have a lot of expectations if you try again. That doesn’t mean they’ll ridicule you or tell you to give up, but it is normal for them not to have the same expectations the next time. But if you’re not trying because of fear of success then that presents different parameters for you. Some people think that the changes that come with success mean your friends will stop liking you for who you are but rather because of your success. Also there will be the pressure to continue that success and that can be as scary as being afraid to fail in the first place. If you’re a writer or entertainer the pressure comes from without as well as within. People want more from you and you feel you must give it to them or forever be known as a “one hit wonder”. I think this is why a lot of people walk away from acting or writing and even music. They don’t like what success has done to them, especially in this day of social media invading your every moment thus removing your privacy. What would you do if you had real success as a writer or entertainer? Would success go to your head or would be afraid of maintaining that success. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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