January 26, 2015

imagesSo I’ve been hearing a lot about the movie American Sniper. Michel Moore has called all snipers cowards. I wonder if he aware that without the use of snipers most Indian wars on the east coast would have been won by the Indians not only that but we would of probably lost he American Revolution. You may not like what a sniper does, but if you’re ever in a Hostage situation you better hope that they’re a couple of good ones around. Now Mr. Moore isn’t the only one criticizing snipers now if they’re just saying the movie is bullshit well that’s Ok. But let’s not go after the men who do a very unpleasant job. I read one comment and I can’t remember the person’s name but he referred to snipers as psychopaths. Well if that’s the case what do you call a mother who brings a gun in her purse to Wal-Mart then leaves the purse within easy reach of a child? How about the parents that left a toddler alone with a loaded gun in the clove box of the car. Both of these stories ended tragically. Snipers go through a lot of training and don’t fire without a spotter verifying the target. I think some of them might enjoy the job a little too much but that is a job for shrinks to figure out. I don’t think because someone makes a movie we should jump to the conclusion that all these individuals are nuts. People, especially people with some public influence should be made to be more responsible with their comments instead of just trying to get publicity. This is Flounder and I would like to thank all those men for their service in defense of our freedom. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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