Flounders first Colombian Thanksgiving

November 28, 2011

Thank god Thanksgiving is over and I can come out from under the bed and let you know how everything went. Jeff did most of the cooking Ruby did the serving the menu consisted of  3 turkey breasts, peas, homemade bread stuffing, and mashed potatoes The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the stuffing it was too salty. Jeff couldn’t get low sodium stock to use, but other than that everything was fine. Jeff had been worried that Hari would break the trains before Thanksgiving but he was a perfect angel the day before and didn’t touch a thing, now we just have to see if he stays like that until Christmas. The adults on the other hand took about three minutes to knock the trains of the tracks and everybody always blames the kid or the cat. I always wait until everybody is a sleep before I do my mischief. We had a couple of no show Miriam was very sick and Rodrigo was surprised by his wife’s relatives and couldn’t get away. Olga (Ruby’s sister) was to show up early to help but was late instead and of course her husband Nacho had to be last so he could make a dramatic entrance. Nelida’s son Mauricio and his girlfriend Liliano came and even John, Vanessa, and Hari put in appearances they only stayed long enough to pick names for the secret Santa, I don’t know why but my name wasn’t included just as well I really didn’t want to have to buy a present for anybody and besides I’m still expecting people will get me some really great stuff because I’m so adorable. Well we have a couple of relatively quiet days left before all the fireworks and celebrations for Christmas start as well as the campaigning for the election swings into high gear. I’m going to have Jeff put up some pictures for those of you who don’t have Facebook, if you do you probably have already seen all of them. Time for me to go Jeff has been left alone long enough time for me to get a good scratch maybe I’ll talk to you guys later.

3 Responses to “Flounders first Colombian Thanksgiving”

  1. Valerie said

    Good pictures looks like a happy full thanksgiving. Flounder was Jeff laying on the floor placeing the trains or was he napping?


  2. Snowlady said

    hope you got some turkey Flounder and where did Jeff and Ruby find it?


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