Flounders under the weather

November 30, 2011

It’s now later actually its Wed. morning and all is well almost I’ve been under the weather the last couple of days and Jeff and I can’t figure what’s wrong, maybe it’s all the rain and cloudy skies. Well not to worry I’m sure Jeff will take good care of me. They’re all going up to Hader’s house tonight so they can see the mid-night fireworks start to the Christmas season. Some idiot started last night in front of our building scared the crap out of me, maybe that’s why I don’t feel so hot. When I say they’re going up to Harder’s house I’m not kidding the roads around here are as bad as San Francisco up and down, up and down but they should get a great view from up there. I’ll make sure to put up some pictures tomorrow if I can get Jeff out of bed he’s not use to staying up late now that he’s getting older. Oh I just remembered they have to get up early tomorrow to go to Envigado so that they can send their Christmas cards to the US If you don’t get one don’t be alarmed he’ll probably send you an e card. Those of you that do get cards don’t try sending a snail mail card back because it will never get here I’ll have him make sure he includes his email. Listen I’m a little tired right now and Jeff’s lap feels like a bag of rocks, if he could type while he’s lying down that would be great his stomach is like Santa Claus , So I’ll talk to you guys sometime tomorrow

4 Responses to “Flounders under the weather”

  1. Valerie said

    I hope you feel better flounder, did Jeff give you hair ball gel that sometime that works when you are not sure what ails you, if not is there a vet nearby, tell Jeff to try the hairball madicine first.


  2. Snowlady said

    feel better Flounder!


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