Flounder the cat

November 19, 2011

Val has another question, it at least shows she reads this stuff, here’s the answer. The muffins turned out great and at this time of year which is winter and also the rainy season down here it doesn’t rain everyday but when it does it really comes down. The weather down here other then the rain is great in this part of Colombia the temperatures run around a high of 82 and a low of 52 and because of the altitude, were about 5000 plus feet above sea level so you really feel the sun when its out. Hope that answers Val questions now speaking of weather there was a report going around that it had snowed at the airport in Medellin but it was just hail from one of the many thunderstorms that cruise by around here. They actually close the airport during rain storms it’s about 7100 feet above sea level and on the opposite side of the mountains from Bello. This will make all the anti immigration nuts happy  traffic to New York is down over thirteen percent in recent years it would appear that people down here are convinced the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. People always ask Jeff why he came down here well there are two reasons no1 is Ruby didn’t give him much choice she was coming weather Jeff was or not. The no 2 reason was because the cost of living down here is so low. Here are our basic expenditures each month rent depending on the exchange rate between $ 260 and $ 280 a month gas electric and water $46 a month cable TV and phone $53 a month health Insurance for both of them covers everything $ 45 per month that’s $ around 425 a month for the basics and maybe a hundred more for food is that crazy or what. Now we don’t want everybody jumping on a plane and flying down here because first you have to have a pension or something because there’s no work here secondly you need to be able to except the different culture and pace of life also if you plan on driving down here you must also be a little nuts. Now that you all know why Jeff and Ruby are here you probably want to know why I’m here first Jeff loves me and wouldn’t know what to do with himself if I wasn’t around to bother him secondly there aren’t a lot of cats down here so everybody treats very special and if you know cats we eat the special treatment up. Speaking of which I hear somebody at the probably to bring me some snack or tell how cute I am I’ll get back to you guys after a little pampering.

One Response to “Flounder the cat”

  1. Valerie said

    If this is winter and it can go up to 82 what are the temps in the summer? I sure would never make it there I love winter and hate summer. What about air conditioning do the stores have it? Flounder ask Jeff does he like heat??


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