Just another day

November 21, 2011

I forgot to mention that a political campaign parade came by Nacho’s while they were there Jeff said it was very loud. It was led by group of motorcycle lists who were sitting of bottle rockets and drinking Aguardiente which is like sambuca on steroids. Public drinking is against the law as is drinking while driving and to make matters worse they were being escorted by the police. Colombians tend to be very loud when they party and this was no exception it appears that people who make the most noise or supply the best entertainment get elected. According to Nacho the politicians are the same down here as they are in the US they all want to be your good friend and promise they’ll always be there for you to talk to of course as soon as they win they don’t know you until reelection time. Jeff says he always suspicious of wealthy successful people who want to Politian’s, he thinks they just want to make sure laws are passed to help them and their friends rip off  everybody else. Hey did you notice no questions from Val today may she didn’t read the previous post. I’m sure I’ll here from about that comment. I went on Jeff’s Facebook page trying to get more people to subscribe to this blog try to help me out folks after all I’m making an effort here to entertain you and keep Jeff busy. You know how he gets when he has nothing to occupy that small brain of his if it wasn’t for my intelligence he’d never get anything done. Oh, Oh I here Hari coming Ruby and Vanessa  gave up the gym and now they do Zumba at Vanessa’s house thank god I don’t need al that noise and dancing around here. Speaking of doing things I have to go visit the litter box talk to later.

2 Responses to “Just another day”

  1. Valerie said

    I did so comment on the last one, I told you no matter what I loved wiinter etc etc. It was long and I cannot remember it now you should have recieved this morning


  2. I suggest adding a “google+” button for the blog!


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