Hollidays in Colombia

November 23, 2011

Ok Jeff started working on his trains for the tree today he has some good ideas that he thinks will stop me from knocking them over ha-ha. If he would stop watching TV and look at the tree he would see that I’ve climbed up to the third branch and am preparing to stretch out and nap when I’m done with this post. Apparently model trains aren’t big down here Jeff hasn’t been able to find a store that sells trains or accessories and parts. I guess that means more people will be coming over to our house to look at his display; just great that’s all I need Christmas is loud enough as it is. Plans for Thanksgiving are moving along at a snail’s pace everybody takes there time making decisions down here and Jeff wants to start now. One thing he would like to know is where they’re going to cook the turkey and where they’re going to serve it sense they don’t have an oven or a roasting pan. He had thought they were going to butcher it and then cook it on the grill but now they want to cook it at Nachos and bring it back to our house or serve it there. I don’t really care what they do so long as I get the leftovers and they let me sleep late afterward. I told you they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving down here they simple go from Halloween to Christmas. I think with me and Hari and the rest of the family here this year the Holidays will be really special, with more people I should get more presents because as you know I’m very special down here. Well it’s time for me to stretch out take and take my nap talk to you tomorrow.

One Response to “Hollidays in Colombia”

  1. Valerie said

    You said Jeff is watching TV a lot, how many channels do they have and do they have any in english? If not are his spanish skills getting better because of it?


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