March 13, 2022

I don’t think world leaders understand what peace means and if we had real peace what we could accomplish. Just imagine not having to pay for huge armies and defense systems. What we could do with all t money. We could cure cancer and heart disease. There would be no hunger or poverty in the world. Instead, politicians get elected with promises of bigger guns as a deterrent to war. Somebody needs to tell them that no guns are a real deterrent to war. How did we reach a place where guns and the resulting wars will bring peace when in reality they just bring more guns and war. People like Trump think Putin will stop once he has Ukraine, if he stops it will just be to reload. He wants the Soviet Union to make a comeback. I would like to see the human race make a comeback. We don’t go after Putin as an individual but rather we do things that affect the regular guy. Way back in the day you could call out the leader of the other country for a duel and the two of you could settle things, nowadays you have to kill half the population first and he still won’t make a deal. It would be much simpler if we could just call him out. “Hey Val meet out back by the barn and we’ll settle this mano y mano.” Well, this old guy has got to go so this is the ANCIENT ONE and his girlfriend ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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