August 18, 2019

Hi gang looks like I’m on time this week. You know I always try to come up with something positive to say and it ain’t easy, but here’s something positive to start the post off with. Tomorrow will come and it will be Monday. Now then I was looking at the Trumpster’s agenda and this is what I came up with. He doesn’t support womens rights ( although he claims too ), he doesn’t support the rights of Gay, Lesbian, or Trans Gender people ( although he says he does ). He doesn’t support minority voting rights (although he says he does). He is a racist ( although according to him he’s the least racist person in America ). He does all this while destroying the public image of the Presidency and destroying the trust of all our allies in the world. He would recognize the truth if he ever let himself hear it. He has his own version of whats wrong in the world and if you should happen to have another he will tell you your wrong then try to destroy your character with lies. He wants to be President for life because then he cold suspend free speech and he wouldn’t have to worry about people disagreeing with by telling him he’s wrong. I’ve heard he hates to read which must be a family trate since no one in his family has ever picked up a history book and studied the Middle East. Had they read about the Middle East or the Korean war they would know Arabs have been fighting each other since before Christ was born and North Korea perfected the art of deception in negotiations. Look we’ve had Rhodes Scholars as presidents and it really doesn’t mean that much but this is the first one that claims to be a genius that might not be able to pass a 10th grade reading test. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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