August 25, 2019

Welcome to Flounders Great Adventure. No Trumpster today we talk Robots. This week CNN had an article about how robots are coming for your job. I ‘m sure most people just laughed it off, I didn’t. I have written several posts about robots and artificial intelligence and how I agreed with Stephen Hawkins when he said he felt it was the greatest threat to mankind. People don’t remember how the computer and automation changed the world of manufacturing. The main reason manufacturing will never come back to what it was isn’t jobs going overseas, it’s the fact that automation has replaced the humans who did the job. If I ran a factory making cars and I had 3000 people working at a minimum of say 25 dollars an hour and it cost me another 10 an hour for health insurance. Now that works out to be about 280 dollars a day or 1960 dollars a month or 101920 dollars a year. Now I may be a little conservative on that figure and you have to figure about 6 weeks with no productivity from those people. Now I go out and get a group of robots running on artificial intelligence at say an initial cost of a million dollars. Now I only need in the beginning 100 people and eventually I will need no humans. What happens to those 3000 workers. Pays their rent or feeds them. Well you say we’ll retrain them and get them new jobs. Well that sounds great but where’s the incentive to do this when every job can be done by robot or machine. Wait you say we’ll never let that happen. Well naive one it has already begun. This is a case where progress may not be in the best interests of the human race. Now most of you will say this is just science fiction. Well science fiction writers have been predicting future events well before I was born. America is not a Democratic society it is a Capitalistic society driven by the profits of greedy men. If we were to look back at other civilizations when they reached a similar point in their history you will see they more or less self destructed. Look around and you can see the signs of our own self destruction and the leaders that don’t give a shit. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO, and that we hope that we’re wrong, from Medellin, Colombia.

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