December 2, 2016

qpt5nts7You gotta figure that the Trumpster has an enemies list similar to old Tricky Dick. The difference being the Trumpster’s has to be a lot longer. I don’t expect the Trumpster to get impeached for a Watergate type act I think his will be much more entertaining. I expect it to be along the lines of mental defect or being mentally unable to perform his duties. I hope this happens before he decides he wants to be King. You know there were people who actually tried to get Congress to introduce an amendment the constitution so they could make Regan King. Oh another reason for possible impeachment would be broken promises and the fact that thing won’t change for the better. I really hope he reads some of the stuff I write about him getting on his enemies list would be a great honor. If the Trumpster accomplishes nothing else he’ll be responsible for new type of hero one who just can’t stand bullshit. Hey all you girls out there don’t forget the million woman march in January. If he sees enough of these large protests against him his ego will make him do something stupid and maybe we get rid of him that way. this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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