December 11, 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood morning to you all on this football Sunday, and no that doesn’t mean this post is about football, although my team the Giants does play the Dallas Cowboys today. The Trumpster has rejected the claim by the CIA that Russia hacked the election in order to help him win. Well you can’t blame him because if it’s true he is as stupid as stupid can be. His attitude does remind a little of a politician named Neville Chamberlin who was Prime Minister of England in the thirties and signed an agreement with Hitler that aloud his conquest of Poland. It seems we have two camps in America and I don’t mean racists and bigots versus liberals. I mean those that believe everything the Trumpster says and those that question the veracity of his statements. I of course belong to a group that questions him. It seems if you belong to this group and you publicly disagree with the Trumpster he will take to twitter to call you a bunch of names and insinuate that you might be guilty of treason because you question him. I posted about making his enemies list. Well if that does occur I’ll just say it make s be proud to be an American. I firmly believe that sitting around and waiting to see what happens is a really dangerous approach to the situation. I think we must be extremely visualant in the coming weeks. I also think it’s necessary to try and stop most of the Trumpster’s cabinet appointments because they are for the most part under qualified or have beliefs that would cause them to make bad decisions for the country. I don’t think the Trumpster will last four years in office, his penchant for breaking promises will bring him down. He will look to make deals that benefit him more than the country as a hole and I believe that once he reaches his goal of being the richest man in the world the Presidency of the United States will no longer appeal to him. But of course what do I know I’m just a cat with an old fat guy as my friend. This is that cat Flounder and his friend Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    there is no room for a black and white cat in the presidents cabinet its as lilly while as it can be


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