November 26, 2017

Welcome to another Sunday. If you missed my message for Thanksgiving I hope you had a great one and didn’t eat too much. As for today’s post let’s try and examine the Trumpster’s and for that matter the Republican Party’s obsession with Obama. He has a problem with Time magazine because he’s never been on the cover, well let him get impeached and I’m sure he’ll make it then. He can’t seem to figure out why a black man who is no longer President of the United States is still so much more popular than he is. Well for one thing Obama is not a racist he is however not a common man but rather a member of the elite, that seems bother the Trumpster even more. The fact that there are women out there that are more popular than him (Hillary and Michele) drives him crazy although personally I don’t think he had far to go. He believes he’s making America great again and all he doing is making our allies nervous about weather or no he can be trusted. Other countries laugh at us because they know him to be a racist and an abuser of women. To be honest some world leaders find these qualities to be admirable in a leader. But his beliefs are contrary to what this country is supposed to stand for. In his way of thinking his racist elite attitude is right and those that don’t go along are treasonous traitors to our country. To be honest people I always knew there was deep seated racism in this country there are places where the civil war is thought to have been won by the south. White supremists have always existed. Minorities have always been blamed for the short comings of whites. It has always been easier for humans to blame someone or some nationality for the plight in life rather than take responsibility. Hitler convinced a whole country that the Jews represented everything bad in Germany and the only solution to making Germany Great Again was a pure Arian race and the extermination of all Jews. The Trumpster believes that everything he perceives is wrong with America can be traced back to Obama’s and others empathy for the common man. He considers Obama a traitor to his status as an elite rather than just being Black. Well I think writing this is bringing back my indigestion so we’ll say this is Flounder and Fats (BURP) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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