November 5, 2017

Since its Sunday let’s talk NFL. Much has been said this year about low TV ratings and a lot of people are blaming the Anthem protests not the cause. The cause in my opinion is several things of which a small portion might be the Anthem protests. It’s more likely that there is just too much football on TV and that most games have no bearing on playoffs or division championships. My brother played football in high school and college. The Green Bay Packers and New York Giants both showed interest in him even though he came from a small college (Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy and had a two year military obligation. We watched a game one Sunday many years ago and it was decidedly one sided. His comments after the game were that at that level no team should be able to win that way. I believe that even more in today’s world where you constantly hear the word parity. So that is another reason for low ratings as is ESPN’s Red Zone that advertises 7 hours of commercial free football on Sunday’s. It a high lite show showing teams in scoring position. There are also at least 4 full games on in the afternoon as well as a Sunday night game that finishes around 10 or 11. You also have Monday and Thursday night games. Now I can tell you from a married mans point of view that you can’t watch them all and not have a family of TV Zombies. Whatever happened to the great rivalries? You know The Raiders and the Chiefs, the Packers against the Black and Blue division, the Giants and the Redskins, where’s the hate? Now they’re all lovey dovey before the game shaking hands forming prayer circles. You want to know what’s worse the celebrating after every play or the skipping off the field. Any of these things could result in less TV watching. From my point of view pro foot ball is just plain boring. In college ball every game means something not in pro sports. Look at the NBA you have to be more that horrible not to make the playoffs. The question in the NBA is why play the regular season? Pro foot ball needs to have all the games mean something. It would also be a good idea if the players didn’t go around hitting women as well. Well that just me and Fats talking so we’ll say CIAO from Flounder and Fats in Medellin, Colombia.

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