July 12, 2020

Hey everybody how the hell did we get here, by here I mean this mess that’s descended upon us. We have no leadership and the ones we do have aren’t making America great again they’re making it a laughing stock. I have said many times on this page I am not some genius that has all the answers but I’ll say this, I think just about anybody could do a better job than the Trumpster. He finally put a mask on yesterday and the only reason I can think of is he has a way to make it political to his benefit. He and the rest of his cronies don’t do anything unless it serves there agenda in other words it will either give them more control or makes them a shit load of money. If you think that’s not true take a good look at Mitch the bitch and how much he has benefited from his position in the senate. People will tell the Trumpster’s not making money and that would be Bullshit. Look at his family and how they have prospered by having that fat prick in the oval office. Now don’t think just because a bunch of polls shows he losing to Biden that he’ll be out and the thing will be better the next day. I’m not convinced he’ll lose and I know that it will take longer to fix America then it did for him to break it. Now I know a lot of people who read this blog say what do you care about you don’t live in the US anymore. Well, that is true but I have friends and family there and whatever goes on there usually affects the rest of the world in some way. Ok that’s it for me today be sure to check out my videos at Antonia and Fats on Youtube. This is FAS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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