April 5, 2020

Well things are bad and they say they’ll get worse this week. The countries political leadership seems to be more concerned with blaming the other guy then really solving the problem. The President doesn’t sound so presidential as he does a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He seems to be suffering from lack of admiration. I mean he misses the cheering crowds. He is still trying to send the country back to the 70’s be removing most of the EPA rules. People are too busy trying to stay safe to see that he’s going to make this country a second rate country. When you have a country like Colombia trying to clean its air and you have a much larger country removing clean air standards it sounds stupid. His Tariffs have lost 62,000 jobs in the solar power field. His disbelief in Global warming and Climate Change science shows that he is far from a genius but rather an uneducated child messing in stuff he shouldn’t. You know know like a kid with a chemistry set and all of a sudden the house smell like sulfur. The sad thing is everybody thinks if the get rid of him all will be well, not so fast. It will take years to repair the damage he’s done and the economy won’t be able to take it. His attempts at helping the economy now will result in inflation and you will see the small companies disappear and much larger ones to appear. I’m sorry to say that between the Coronavirus and his actions this country may be truly fucked. This is Fats without Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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