April 19, 2020

Well another week of semi isolation. I ‘m really glad that I have my dog Antonia she allows me to out anytime we want. Whats that you ask. At my age(74) I’m not supposed to leave our apartment except for doctor appointments, but if you won a dog your allowed out to walk them. As we get closer to the end of this round of self quarantine you notice more people out and about and less social distancing. The reported cases are around a 150 a day but I believe that there are most likely more because a good portion of this country is rural. I see where the city of Jacksonville Florida just open the beaches and of course they were flooded wit little real social distancing. The Trumpster didn’t go out and say this is great rather he just let it happen. This is now his home state and the Governor is a Republican. I think the Trumpster is just waiting to see what happens if there is no jump in cases he will immediately say see I told we should open the country up now, but if there is an in crease I guarantee he will throw the Governor under the bus. He will take no responsibility for anything negative that happens. He will when this is over take all the credit in the world. I’ve decided that not only does he have small hands and a small dick but also has a lack of spine and I’m sure no balls. No matter what he says he will be remembered by history as the most divisive president as well as crooked and cowardly one in our history. This is Fats and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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