October 17, 2016


football-danceWell I’m sick of talking about Trump and Hillary so all I’ll say today is just vote for me at least I won’t make things worse. Ok that’s out o the way I spent yesterday sleeping because Jeff took Ruby to lunch at one of the top three restaurants in Medellin and it was worth every penny. I get into that another time. When he got home he went right to the TV and NFL football. So I’m lying on the bed watching with him and I see this 280lb defensive end make this good play and the he jumps up and SKIPS off the field. You read it right I said SKIPS off the field. What the hell is that about and he wasn’t the only one. I thought only one player had come out as gay but here they were SKIPPING around the field. It doesn’t bother me that they might be gay but SKIPPING come on that’s juvenile. Of that’s not the only juvenile thing these athletes do now a days. You had the soccer player going around biting people and apparently he just punched another player in the head the other day. There are guys who do ridicules dance moves after scoring goals or points in all sports, there are players that do this even though their team is losing by 30 points. I have no problem with celebrations like they do when they win a championship but if every time you make a good play your going to look stupid, after all your only doing what your being paid to do. I guess pretty soon we’ll see hopscotch as way to warm up for a game. Maybe there just trying to get an audition for Dancing with the Stars. Maybe soon that show will replace Monday night football. I can see John Madden grabbing his chest on the sideline going WTF right now. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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