October 9, 2016

cat-food-funny-cats-animals-humor-us-com-101055Well this has certainly been a fun week. I was going to wait until after the debate Sunday to write a post but I just had to say a few things. Listen up America the damage is done you have officially become a joke. I don’t care if Trump or Hillary or even me gets elected the political system has turned into a Saturday Night Live sketch. I think we might have seen the end of the two party system, since I think the Republican party has just about imploded. Don’t worry the Democrats won’t be far behind. Do you think that Obama and Bernie and his people are excited about the prospect of four years of Hillary? Well maybe not as bad as the prospect of the Trumpster being there for four years it’s still not good. The world is laughing so hard at the US right now you might as well elect me (Flounder) as President. I certainly couldn’t be a bigger embarrassment then what’s happening now. The world is laughing for two reasons one is how easily we get distracted from real issues and two is how we can have a complete incompetent running for office. American might be surprised by the amount of racism that’s appearing in the new right now, but trust me, the rest of the world isn’t. as for Trumps attitude towards women, well most men in power tend to treat women like chattel. Well I can’t wait for tonight’s debate it just might make the Porn movies of the week who knows? This is Flounder saying I’ll be back on Tuesday to talk about the debate in the mean time CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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