October 12, 2016

zWell I said I’d be back after the debates and here I am. America should realize now that Trump can’t be President the Republicans have to know now that they have made the biggest mistake in political history by giving him the nomination. It actually would be better to elect me a cat then have Trump on the ticket. Now this will get people really mad at me but I’m not so upset about Trump making lewd remarks about women as I am about the fact that it wasn’t locker room talk because the idiot said it near a live mike. Can you imagine him walking out of a meeting with some world leader and saying to his aide “I could absolutely do her she digs that I’m president and would do anything I wanted?” It’s the idea that he’ll take this talk out of the locker room or high school gym and use it in the real world. I haven’t met Trump but I have met his sister the judge and I think somewhere along the line this family has gotten pretty screwed up. They think because of the money they have that they should be beyond the law and the mores of society. Listen I’m a cat I lick my balls in public but that’s to be expected of me. Trump goes around and basically does the same thing only in his case being human it is not accepted behavior even more not so for a presidential candidate. He brings up Bill Clintons infidelity. Well look at other presidents Eisenhower was reportedly having a long affair with his secretary John Kennedy was doing movie stars and the list goes on. But the difference is they didn’t brag about it to the point that it made news they did get caught. Trump says he could do whatever he wanted to do because he was rich and a star. He has an ego that needs to be fed constantly by whatever means necessary. Some voice whispered in his ear that he could be President and to him that was just what his ego needed. I think in the beginning he didn’t expect to win the nomination or have any chance at being President he simple wanted to be in position to do himself good. Maybe take control for the Republican party and become a king maker. But now he thinks he still has that chance and that he might even be able to make himself king. What I miss now are guys like George Carlin who had an eloquent way of showing what a complete ass Trump is and how screwed up the people that support him are. That’s it for me right now this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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