October 2, 2016



What a week we have what are being called racist police shootings going on? We have the Trumpster calling a pageant contestant Miss Piggy and apparently having a melt down on Twitter at 5am. Well this stuff has nothing to do with the presidential election. Now before everybody gets upset about me saying the police shooting have nothing to with the election, well in reality they don’t they are a symptom of a deeper problem that’s been festering for a long time. White people are scared that there losing control of a country that they think is there’s alone. White people in this country should take a good look at South Africa. Everything the whites in America are afraid the whites in South Africa were afraid of the same thing. But after Apartheid ended and Mandela took control there was no great slaughter of the whites. If anything the country became more stable and economically enriched. Now let’s get back to the election. Trump saying he doesn’t pay taxes should upset people but it reality it’s a non issue. If you look at all the major companies in the US as well as their executives you’ll see that they either pay very little or no taxes. They just get very creative with the tax loopholes that are present for the very rich. We are not the only country where this happens, it done in all countries sometimes by force. Now, that is an issue that needs to be looked at as well as other issues like education and the economy. Our media has forgotten how to investigate the issues instead we ask candidates questions about stupid comments they’ve made. When they do ask a serious question they let the candidates give answers that aren’t really answers indicating to me that both the questioner and the answerer don’t think we’re smart enough to know that they are bullshitting us. Instead of sitting there and screaming white power or it’s the Mexicans fault we should take a good look at the problem. When we do this we’ll realize it’s not somebody else’s fault it’s ours for not demanding that the people we elect remember the Constitution. You remember that “We the people” and we’re the people. So if we elect so and so to office he shouldn’t be thinking of just the rich ones that got him elected but all of us regardless of our wealth or position. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “TIME TO GET SERIOUS”

  1. valerie said

    Hi was it your president (Columbia) who got the nobel peace prize? I know what he was fighting for did not pass do you think it will and are you happy he got the prize


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