October 25, 2018


In the last two days nine pipe bombs have been sent to two ex-presidents and several other prominent democrats. The Trumpster has already begun to try and blame the media for this, I’m sure eventually he will make it all about him and that its really a Democratic conspiracy to discredit him and push the election to the Democrats. Now those of who read and listen to the news and then verify it know hes full of shit. But the same people who listen to his threats of violence will believe anything and everything he says, Never in all my 72 years on this planet have I personally witnessed a President that has no clue but is such an egotistical buffoon that he believes every despicable word he says and the worse part of that is that millions of people believe it as well. I wish my country well but it’s appears that won’t be enough. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Columbia.

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