October 11, 2018

A few years ago I watched the comedian Chris Rock do a stand up on HBO. As usual it was laced with profanity so it was definitely not a family affair. It was more or less about business and health care. The first question he brought up is why isn’t there, after all this time, a cure for the common cold? His answer was the best I ‘ve ever heard. “Because there’s no money in a cure”. Now think about that for a moment as it relates to manufacturing. Companies build into there products a obsolescence factor. Now that doesn’t mean if you buy a car it will self destruct in 2 years, it does mean that based upon the humans competitive desire, you will want the new design that your friends have. I ‘m sure you know somebody that every time Apple buts out a new phone they have to run out and buy it. The reality is it really isn’t that much different then the one you have except it cost a lot more. They’ll tell you the camera is better. Well that might be but it’s still not better that that 6 year old Olympus you have in the closet. These are just little examples now lets look at the big ones like Heart disease and Cancer. We have spent billions of dollars and millions of man hours trying to find a cure. We were able to invent the A Bomb and put a man on the moon faster. So whats the hang up well I agree with Chris Rock that theres no money in the cure, but I also believe its because they kill people same as war. Now I know there are people screaming at me right now saying that governments and medical people would never do something like this. Well they would if they were convinced it was he only way for the world to survive. You hear about the planet getting hit by an Asteroid and Global Warming and the threat of Nuclear war. Well how about the lack of food and water because the population has outgrown the planets natural resources. Have I got anybody thinking yet. If all the people killed by Heart Disease and Cancer in the last ten years had been cured what would be the worlds population right now? This is a very hard statistic to come up with because one it would appear each country has it’s own set of statistics and a lot of countries don’t have accurate ones at all do to large rural populations. But needless to say populations would grow at a much higher rate than before. Take that along with other improvements and the encouragement of religions to procreate. You have unsustainable population growth. Now even if I ‘m wrong about the fact that there’s no cure because they kill Chris Rock is right saying there’s no money in the cure the real money is in the treatment. In 2003 the estimate was 40 billion dollars a year in cost of medicine and lost wages. Now thats just the common cold add the new various flus that pop up every year and the cost keeps going up. So people looking at all this do you believe we’ll see any of these diseases cured in our life times. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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