October 28, 2018

Well I had planned to write a much lighter piece today but as usual the Trumpster screwed that up. I had felt that a lighter piece would be better after the week we’ve had that was until the Trumpster started using the events to blame Democrats for Republican election defeats that haven’t even happened yet. To make matters worse all this violence can be traced back to the Trumpster’s own words. Some examples would be remarks like these fro Warren Mich, as a anti Trumpster protest was being removed “try not to hurt him but if you do I ‘ll defend you in court”. Or how about this one from Cedar Rapids when the Trumpster said he “would pay legal fees” for those present that injured individuals protesting against him. Or his praise of a Congressman who body slammed a reporter. And last but not least his comment in Las Vegas to to guards that the were being to gentle with protesters. It is unheard of in American politics for an high ranking official to make such inflammatory comments, not so in countries where dictators rule. I know that the sometime in this life or the next the Trumpster and his minions will have to deal with ramification of all this bad Karma but for now it’s up to the people of America to vote out this moron. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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