October 7, 2018

I guess from some of the comments I get here and from Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler that people have given up on the world and are tired of hearing from me on the subject. To those people all I have to say is BITE ME. This is my blog and my opinions and if in the process I piss you of f I feel that I ‘ve done my job and made you think. So as you can tell from the title today this is more of the same. The confirmation of an accused sexual predator to the Supreme Court is really the continuation of the demise of Democracy that began back in the Nixon administration. With this appointment things like Roe vs Wade, labor protection laws, environmental safe guards, voter protections and many other improvements to our way of life that I have witnessed the fights for will be gone. People are expecting me to say we’re headed for the Orwellian future I have talked about here, but now I think it will be a combination of Roller ball and 1984. Roller ball is about how the corporations divide the world up as to what parts can handle what manufacturing process’s best. 1984 is about the government controlling everything we do and observing us 24/7. Now I can here some of my friends saying I can’t be bothered by this or I ‘m tired of this shit I just want to live my life. Well that’s how all dictators have come to power in the world. If my generation hadn’t got pissed we’d still be fighting the Viet Nam War. Politicians are not qualified to bring peace to this world it going to take young people who are willing to take a chance on the unknown to bring peace and stability to this fucked up world. If people back then were afraid to get beat up or put in jail they wouldn’t of been able to effect the changes that they have. It’s one thing to post to Twitter or Facebook, or any of the other social media sites and quite another to stand facing a police line for something you believe. Now before you say well isn’t hat what I’m doing well you’d be right I don’t even live in the United States anymore so what gives me the right. Well I did my protesting I got involved in politics and tried to make changes and we did to some extent. I mean we ended a war didn’t we. I ‘m old now and this is all that I ‘m really capable of doing these days, sitting on my ass with Flounder listening to Bob Dylan and writing shit trying to get other s to think and get out there before it’s really to late. Well this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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