October 16, 2018

Theres been a lot of talk lately about the Trumpster’s relationship with Saudi Arabia . Well folks heres a little tidbit, that relationship has nothing to do with the Trumpster it goes back to the 1930’s maybe even further. Look up a company originally called Aramco oil it stands for Arabian American oil company now called Saudi Aramco the original American company that started this was standard oil of California. It was later joined by Exxon, Texaco, and Mobil. It is considered one of the largest ( by value) companies in the world (it was actually number one in 2005). when you Google it also look up the Seven Sisters. This is a complicated deal which involves other countries. It also gives the oil companies involved in this huge tax breaks. I am familiar with a lot of this because my Uncle Robert Shea was controller for the company and spent a year in Saudi Arabia a long time ago. The point of all this is that this isn’t just a Trumpster thing this is a US government Bi Part-ism bull shit. Thats why the Government doesn’t want to admit to Global warming or push for cleaner alternatives to oil. So after you look up this stuff come back and make a comment and we can continue our discussion. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. PS THE TRUMPSTER MUST GO.

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