September 16, 2018

Ok lets get back to things that piss me off today. For years politicians have been trying to screw with SOCIAL SECURITY. You know the annoying little deduction on your pay check. No one thinks about it at the age og 18 or so but if you get to be 50 or 60 it stars to enter your mind. Mostly because of an organization called AARP or American association of retired persons. Now they mostly deal with rich folks planing a vacation or such, but they get their money from people by supporting legeslation that protects Social Security. Now I can remember back when they reduced that tax and people were excited about more money in there paycheck yeah about 4 dollars I think. Now everybody wants to blame republicans for wanting to do away with it. But be sure it’s not just them. They will tell you you can do better managing your retirement yourself and that’s true if you make a lot of money. But the average person will only ave enough to save for vacation. Another thing when your 21 you don’t think about retirement you live life and have fun you really don’t want to think about being old. Most of you know I live outside the country down in Colombia but do you know why. Well all my life I worked physical jobs and I drank to much and smoked too much all of this started to wear on my body as I got older. Well I stopped smoking and drinking over 30 years ago but it still took a toll. Again we don’t think about these thing when were young and enjoying life. I knew I couldn’t keep working tending bar or cleaning buildings so when my wife said we should move to her country of Colombia I went for a look and here I am. I came here because there was no way I would be able to retire in America with only my Social Security check. I live quite nice down here with very inexpensive housing and medical costs. But if I was in America I would have to work and I probably wouldn’t be living at the standard I am now. That and I would have trouble, even with Obama care and the rest of paying for all my drugs and doctor appointments. Would I rather be living in the US well of course if I could afford to. The people that want to remove Social Security won’t need it and don’t care if you do. They want to use the money to pay for huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends. You may think of the deduction as a nuisance on your pay stub but unless your making a lot of money your going to need it if for nothing else to supplement your retirement. Remember if your my age and you started thinking about saving at the age of 21 gas was .35 a gallon. Now like everything else the cost has gone up but how many people could afford to substantially increase their savings. They would probably have a family and want to send their kids to college and get them a car. Well what usually suffers in these cases is their retirement fund. So now they’re going to need Social Security to help supplement whatever they have left and you know the kids aren’t going to help that much unless they’re Rock Stars or Pro Athletes. Ok the point of all this is we have to stop our politicians from borrowing on the future so they can get tax breaks. It’s time for Americans to take a real stand and I don’t care if your Republican or Democrat that money is money you earned and should be there when you retire. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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