April 29, 2018

Continuing with the what happened to humanity story I think young people have more pressure on them just to survive. I had to worry about the A bomb kids today have to worry about terrorism. Terrorism is designed to disrupt your way of life and 9/11 did that. Now we have a generation of kids that are afraid of their own shadows. They’re also afraid of failing and without parents around to teach them they don’t know how to handle negative social situations. Kids today have no support system for relationship and academic failure. I ‘ve been lucky in that respect. When I was young my mom was there or my older brother. As I got older I still had my mom but I also had friends I could talk to. In todays world I don’t think kids are supposed to talk about things with friends. This seems to apply more to males then females maybe because its ok for a girls to care. Guys are always told to tough it out. And not every guy can do that just because a kid picks up a gun and shoots up a school doesn’t mean that inside hes really sensitive and let me tell you saying to some one grow a pair when the love of there life has just dumped them is not helping. When you don’t have anyone to talk to or your told talking is wrong everything will eventually build up and then anything can happen. How do we fix this well it starts with the parents. They need to take time to listen to their kids and I mean really listen. If you do that you might stop something bad from happening. But when you listen make sure you don’t just go ok good talk or call authorities. Make time for your kids don’t pass them off to sitters or the TV or video games. Make an attempt to find out what they’re really in to and if it’s video games play with him or her. It is a real sport now so don’t knock it try to understand it. don’t push your kids into social situations that they feel uncomfortable with and maybe just maybe we can save a few kids and we do that we should have a lot less screwed up adults. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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