April 23, 2018

“Oh the Humanity” If your my age or have studied history you might remember this quote from the radio commentary of the crash of the Dirigible The Hindenburg on May 6th 1937 at the Lakehurst Naval air Station in New Jersey. Not to worry thats not what his post is about but it is about Humanity. Humanity, according to Webster means the Human Race, this piece will ask the question what the hell has happened to us.
Everyday you read about how some depraved group or individual has killed several innocent people for apparently no reason at all. Experts in the fields of human behavior have tried to figure out why this is happening now. Theories go from to much violence on TV, No God in schools, Violent video games, The lack of a family unit. I fro one accept the fact that there is evil out there. If you’ve read some of my old blogs you know I’m not a fan of religion. I believe in a superior being I’m just don’t give him or her a name. I also don’t think you can blame this all on him or her or the lack there of. Society as a whole has changed since all the wars we’ve had. We brought home thousands more like millions of damaged people and told them to go back to the lives they led before. Well most needed help and there was no one to give it. In the world of science it’s not the diseases or the unexplored that baffles them the most it’s the human mind. I will get into that at a later time ( Perhaps I ‘ll make this a series of posts). I think one thing that causes this is lack of family. If I go back to my upbringing there is a big difference between then and now. My father was no angel and be todays standards would be considered abusive but he was always there. Growing up I was told my generation was going to have it so much better and we did if you consider material things. But on a social level I had two parents and one was always home when I got there. We didn’t need a second income to live the American dream. You see today you need a second earner in the household just to survive. Unless of course your born rich like certain people and if you look around today being rich is no guarantee you’ll be well adjusted. I think the problem is we’ve put to much emphasis on success or as they say keeping up with the Jones. Now everything is a competition from sports, jobs , cars , dinner parties you name it we’ve turned the simplest of social inter actions into competition. Even the hand shake has turned into a competition. Take that along with the mental anguish that accompanies failure and you have the formula for disaster. i’m going to think some moron this and actually do a little research and I might be back woth more in the meant time this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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