May 18, 2015

Suffering-From-CapitalismYou think you live in a democratic society are you right or wrong? Democracy means you get a choice as to you government officials by elections. But are you really being given a choice. Now before you all start yelling at me let me say this. On paper it’s a great form of government with freedoms that aren’t found in other forms. But you freedom comes with a price and that price has been rising steadily for years. If you’re not in the top ten percent of income your freedoms start to get restricted. Oh you can still vote and complain about your government and how unfair your taxes are. But here’s the catch nobody’s listening to you and nobody cares. Because the people in power know you may complain but your too busy worrying about terrorists attacking your kids school or guns in the classroom to really worry about say the water shortage out west or the quality of education your child gets. We my friends live in a world controlled by capitalism that means you need money to have a real voice and those that have it have no intention of letting you get too much of it. Let’s you get a raise at your job and say great maybe you go on vacation. Then you come home and find you kids tuition just went up there’s an egg shortage which is causing baked goods to go up along with chicken prices and the next thing you know is not only is your raise wiped out your paying more just to survive. But those people in the top ten are still making the same if their salaries dip a little they just raise prices and thing get a little harder for you. I read some place a long time ago that some politician had once said that on paper Communism might just be a better form of government then Democracy. Now we know that all the so called Communist countries are really Capitalists except maybe North Korea. Just look at how their leaders live because they’re part of that top ten percent. Well I would love to keep talking on this point but I have to help Jeff with his book so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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