May 11, 2015

feature_revolution_190412Have you noticed how communists or socialists are always saying we need to stop the elite from running the country? Have you seen how they live ever see the apartment the Russian leaders had or how Fidel Castro live as compared to his people. How about the leaders of Venezuela they aren’t suffering for lack of anything. These people all live just like the rich and famous. Here’s one that pisses off a lot of people but look at Priests, Cardinals and the Pope they’re bot exactly living up to the vow of poverty. When you look at how the leaders of any revolution live as compared to the people actually doing the fighting. And then if they win they live just like the people they just got rid of. I don’t expect equality in the world but blatant lies are something I just can’t believe people endure. The people in these countries that watch as these people live so great are usually very high up in the party or members of the military. Leaders of poor countries always make sure their Armies don’t want for much if they are there will be another revolution. I’ve always been amazed how people always think they’re going to enjoy the results of a revolution or election only to be disappointed by the results. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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