May 4, 2015

1029-colombia-Santos-peace-politicsWell I hope you liked my Sunday post. Today’s post is mainly for Colombians but I think American will see some correlation to American politics. Those of you who follow me a lot have seen articles on Colombia’s President Santos and the peace process. Well last week a new set of polls came out and it claimed that about 60% of Colombians aren’t happy with Santos. It seems people aren’t as concerned with the Farc as they are with Corruption in the Military, Government and the Police. It would seem they’ve tired of being taxed and seeing no results. It’s like buying a product and finding out it does the opposite of what you paid for. Three years ago right across the valley from where we live Santos dedicated an apartment complex for low income families. It was about 90% percent done at the time. Well it’s still not done and not one person is living there. in the mean time several other high rise buildings have been completed and apartments sold. Now president Santos wants to build more and when you look at his plan there is no grass or trees in the picture. Colombian politics reminds me of the rural south in America where you know if you want something done you have to bribe someone. The only problem with that down here is that the people that are the neediest can’t afford to bribe anybody. So they elect people they think will help them only to be disappointed again. I have wondered in the past why Santos is so dead set on these peace talks that he continues to make concessions to the Farc while they continue to kill soldiers, police and civilians. Corruption in the police is evident when you look at the life styles of the commanders compared to the ordinary citizen. The commander of the National Police does one thing very well and that’s show up when there’s a photo opp. lately there have been several arrests of government officials. Now these guys are bad people but they also are not members of Santos party and in a lot of cases don’t agree with his peace proposals. Extortion seems to be the price of doing business in most towns making success a hardship rather than a blessing. Sections of towns and cities are ruled by gangs of very violent youths making venturing out after dark a dangerous deal. I offer no solutions for these problems as I am only a cat but if I wasn’t and I was a citizen I’d be really pissed and would demand change or the removal of the President. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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