April 8, 2019

Hi guys sorry for being late but me and the wife took a little vacation. It was on this vacation that I began to realize how horrible all native peoples are treated. You remember how Europeans invaded most of the rest of the world and either enslaved or killed the natives. We really shouldn’t call them natives we should call them the First People. You remember South Africa, the Belgium Congo, French Equatorial Africa. In the US we had mostly Europeans land and decide that the First People had to go and began to systematically kill them off. The last battle in the US wasn’t in the 1800s but rather on January 9, 1918. as for the rest of the world they’re still trying to kill each other. But the hypocrisy is in the US where go around chastising other nations for their human rights violations. Meant time we treat the Native American tribes like shit we’re still taking things from them like land and mineral rights so that they can’t really get ahead. You say what about all those Casinos well the trick there is you only have be 20 Indian to get a license. That make me eligible since I’ve always been told I’m 20% American Indian. When we talk about exploited people in this country even the most Liberal never bring up the Native American, it’s always the African American or the Latino or the Asian but never the Apache or Lakota. Now that you know this you can see how stupid we look when we talk to other countries about human rights. Maybe we should really take a look around. I know theres a lot of bad stuff happening everywhere but we need to be sure are own house is in order before we go yelling at other people. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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