April 14, 2019

You guys know I can’t stand the Trumpster and this isn’t something decided once he became president. I’ve hated this guy for years. Now I could spend the rest of the day getting into specifics but I won’t. What I will do however is express my feelings about all the hateful remarks people make about him. I think that your doing yourselves a huge disservice when everything that come out of your mouths is dripping with venom. If you read articles written about him people are usually attacking his policy. They’re not using curse words to describe him they’re using facts. While we on the other hand let our hatred get in the way. An example of this was the recent article about his older sister the judge and how the NY Time article had in some way forced her retirement. One of the comments referred to her being a Regan appointee. That is true for her first judgeship for the US District Court of NJ. Then she got appointed to the US court Of Appeals For the Third Circuit by Bill Clinton. Now everybody I know seemed to forget she had been appointed by Clinton and just wrote about Regan. I met her a long time ago and considered her to a decent person. She was being investigated for tax evasion because of members of her family. I seem to be getting a little off target right now, but the pint I’m trying to make is we’re focusing all our anger on one man rather than on the issues. If you want this man out of office your going to have to take it to the streets with peaceful protests and you might even have to risk being arrested. We did during the Viet Nam war and we got it stopped. Sitting at you computer writing hateful stuff is not going to get rid of him and friends or his hateful policies. So think about it you still have time but if all you do is make comments you’ll have him for another 4 years and then we’ll really be screwed. This Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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