April 20, 2015

election-statisticsWell another Monday is upon us and with that comes the politicians declaring they want to be President. There is also baseball and all its fantasy leagues to deal with. What do these two topics have to do with each other not a whole just that there both sources of statistic and polls. Poll now we all know about them they’ve been called the most influential form of Presidential politics. How do you say; Well some believe, and I’m one of them that people like to be on the winning side. So if so and so is leading the polls he must be the best and is going to win so I’ll vote for him. Others say that since according to the pools he a shoe in so why should I take time away from my life to go and stand in line to vote after all he going to win. The people that are for the other guy say, why should I waste my time that guys going to win no matter what I do. That was the reason they wanted to stop exit polls on TV while the voting was going on. Sadly this is very true in every case and even sadder is the fact that it’s fairly easy to manipulate poll results. How you ask; by asking questions in a certain manner or going to an area where you will get a result that suits you. The next time you’re going to vote or buy a product and you the words seventy five percent of voters or users say this stop a minute and ask yourself what was my first reaction and as free thinking as you may feel you are I bet you would of gone along with the seventy five percent.
Now statistics are even worse, and this will piss off all the fantasy players and mathematicians out there, but statistics can be manipulated to say whatever you want. Again it’s where you get your information from and the fact that pure math doesn’t take the human factor into consideration. So when you say statistically this player has a ninety percent probability of getting a hit in this situation you’re not taking luck into the equation. Now scientists will tell you there is no such thing as luck but call it what you may it exists and can either make or break your day. People write books on gambling using statistics as a guide. They say if you follow what we say you’ll be a winner. The problem with this is they forget about random events that some of us refer to as luck. Just think if it was as easy as they say it is the casinos would be out of business in a week. Well I barely touched the surface of this topic but I’m already bored and ready for a nap so I will say this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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