February 9, 2020


Holy shit what a week. The Trumpster gets acquitted and then goes and tells more lies in the State of the Union speech. Then he fire our ambassador to the EU because he did the unforgivable of telling the truth at his impeachment hearing. He also fired a Purple Heart wining Lt Col. for doing the same thing and had him escorted by capital police from the building. That was his warning if you tell the truth you’ll become unemployed. I don’t know how they feel but for me taking a chance to get rid of this pig by telling the truth is worth it. I don’t know how you can work for a man who makes you lie to keep your job and then he still might fire you. it’s not like years past where your political buddies would help you get a job as a college President which is basically a no show job. No now your nothing but a traitor to the party and the President. Good luck finding a job. This isn’t the first time a Republican President has held a grudge, Tricky Dick had his enemies list which I’m proud to say I made on a local level. I ‘m sure somewhere my name appears on a list but I think most of my friends will be there too so at least I’ll have company. i’m going to try and get back to doing videos on YOU Tube I ‘ll keep everyone informed in the mean time this is Fats and Flounders friendly ghost saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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