February 2, 2020

Well the impeachment trial is coming to an end no surprises the Trumpster will be acquitted. He will then become even more unhinged then he already is. All this prove is that this country most change. The two party system doesn’t work anymore. Look at Bernie Sanders, he claims he is an Independent but in order for him to run for President he had to become a Democrat and more or less adopt a lot of their philosophy. Not only that but look at this possible scenario the Trumpster vs Bloomberg, there’s more money between the two them than anybody I know would make in a life time. That mean two rich ass holes running for office that are so far away from my way of life as to never be able to under stand it. This of course will only be possible if the Trumpster decides to allow elections. He could according to the thinking of Alan Dershowitz suspend elections if he thought it was in the countries interest for him to remain in power. I hear all the snickering and guffaws going on as people say never happen. Well in the last 3+ years we’ve seen a lot happen that we didn’t think would or could happen so pull up you socks people and get ready for the impossible. You have a President that openly admires totalitarian leaders and wants to be respected as he thinks they are. He doesn’t realize, or he does and just doesn’t care, that these people rule with fear not respect as we know it. I’m 74 and I never thought I see America destroy itself. I believed we had a form of Government with it’s checks and balances that somebody like the Trumpster would never be able to get elected or do what he has done to our country. He also effects the world with his polices, like Climate change denial. I have two kinds of friends out those that see the danger an tyr do do something about and others that simply say doesn’t affect me so I’ll do nothing. This is really shitty post for any Sunday but even more so on Super Bowl Sunday, so let me end by saying take the 49er’s and the point and the under. This is Fats and the ghost of Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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