April 19, 2013

Pray-for-Boston---4-15-2013-jpg_173215You ever get tired of watching something like what’s going on in Boston and hearing the suspect’s neighbors as well as people who went to school with him saying he was just a normal kid or he was so nice I can’t believe he would do this. Wouldn’t it be nice if people told the truth, that they had no idea he actually live next door. Why would that be the truth because in America we no longer pay attention to our neighbors and in most cases have no idea who lives next door nor do we care. You’ve seen the TV programs where someone gets killed and no saw or heard anything until the TV crews arrive and they Oh yeah I knew nice guy. Jeff used to Ruby about when he first moved into the apartment in Parsippany and how everybody knew everybody and watched their kids and if you went on vacation they would water your plants or take care of your pet. Today it would cost you almost as much as your trip to get someone to do the same thing. You know I hear people talking to kids and how much better they have now and find it hard to believe. I mean both parents work the kids get to do whatever they want, which Jeff said they could when he was a child. The difference was the were police walking the streets of the neighborhood and at least one parent home in every house, you always knew someone was there for you. Jeff says that people knew these guys weren’t right but don’t want to admit it now and face question about why they never told anyone. It’s the old SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, and SPEAK NO EVIL. In other word don’t get involved you might have to give up some of your precious time to testify or otherwise help catch the person. This is just one reason I’m glad I a cat this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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