OK I’ll talk about this

April 30, 2013

odence-surpriseWell I really don’t have a specific idea for today’s post so I thought I’d just start writing and see what happen after all it works for Jeff when he’s writing his books. Let’s see we talked about nostalgia yesterday and that got me to thinking if I regretted anything I did or didn’t do and I don’t think so. Jeff regrets not starting to write earlier in life but his excuse is probably the same as everyone else that didn’t try something when they were young, fear of rejection. That’s the same thing you feel when your very young and you see that boy or girl that makes you feel strange but you think there to good for you and if you approached them they would reject you. So what do you do you don’t try and thusly avoid the stigma of rejection. Jeff says yes that was probably one reason why he never tried but the big reason was the money it took to publish something. Now I know a lot of people as they get older sit around and wonder if they had done this or that what would have happened. My answer is take an honest look at your personality and you’ll find out that you’d be exactly where you are today no matter what you did in the past. Take me for example no matter what I did as a kitten I was going to end up in a good home happy and content. A lot of my friends have experienced hardships at a young age and I know how that can shape their future. If they let it get them down or dwell on it for too long a period they miss that opportunities that are in front of them. If they just shrug their shoulders and go on they will miss the feeling that are necessary to heal a lost and they might just make the wrong decisions about the future. OK that’s it I don’t have a degree in philosophy and this is beginning to sound like a term paper so this is Prof. Flounder and his sidekick Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

One Response to “OK I’ll talk about this”

  1. valerie said

    flounder how did Jeff get you


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