April 22, 2013

fabulous-new-weekOK it’s a new week let’s hope it’s better than last week we’ll start off with a little soccer Medellin tied Nacional won. Now I have to listen to john all week the good thing is the two teams play this Sunday and we can only hope Medellin will prevail. In other news today is the birthday of one of Ruby’s aunts, she’s a Jeff fave, all of Rubies relatives are Jeff faves and mine too. Ruby has to go and get an ex-ray on her hand today it’s bothered her since before we came down here. They had dinner at Nachos last night Nacho now serves Roasted Chicken and Jeff says it’s great. He also thinks it’s one of Nacho’s best ideas and hopes it keeps going. Then they all came back here and everything was nice till the bug invasion, they look like termites, but I’ve never heard of termites swarming at night or flying so high. Anyhow whatever they were they were annoying they kept flying into the light and then falling down on the floor and dying. When I looked out on the balcony this morning all I saw was a few dead bugs and lots and lots of wings. I hope we don’t go thru this again tonight. The sun is shining this morning which is a good sign we’ve had cloudy and rainy weather for about a week now so maybe this means this rainy season is over but down here you can never be sure about the weather. Well I really don’t have anything else right now so this is Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin

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