April 18, 2013

drought_photoJeff had just finished a book called Blue Gold it was about a crazy woman who ran a mega corporation who wanted to control the worlds water. Now you going to say how can that happen? Well I don’t know about a lot of countries, I’ve told Jeff to do some research for a future Blog, but where we used to live in New Jersey most of the water was controlled by private companies Like American and United water companies. Another thing in the book was they wanted to control the Colorado River since it supplied water to most of the west coast. They felt that the river was being overused and with the drought that was happening if they controlled the water they could charge unbelievable amount of money for their water. Well if you read the news yesterday, that is of course if you went beyond the tragedy in Boston you would of learned that the Colorado river just made the top of the list of most endangered rivers in the US. Now look around the world and see all the droughts and the people starving because there’s no water to drink or irrigate their crops. People in the US don’t think this can happen they know if they get thirsty all they have to do is go to the kitchen and turn on the tap. They don’t remember the big drought of the twenties when everything out west turned to dust and New York City was affected by the dust. Take a look out west and you can see the same thing happening now. The biggest threat to the world today is twofold 1, over population and 2, the lack of enough fresh water to sustain life in the future. Now I don’t expect most of you to believe me it’s like telling you we’ll run out of oil in the next thirty to forty years you’ll just read this and go “Yeah Right”. This crisis is going to require something we don’t do a lot of and that’s look how what we do today effects the future. The rich don’t care it’s going to be up to the rest of us to protect our future and by the way cats need plenty of fresh water just like you. Well time to say this Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin.

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