April 25, 2013

controversyHave you guys been reading the news lately I mean really reading it? it would seem it’s full of stories about Controversial topics like; Should priest be allowed to marry? Well you also have to let them date but I see no reason not to let them marry maybe then less of them would be molesting little boys. Then we have the one about Gay Marriage, again this something I don’t see the harm in gays have been around since before Christ and there have been haters around just as long. If you think Gay Marriage will lead to more children growing up Gay how about all the victims of pedophilia who end becoming abusers and serial killers and such. I think children brought up in a loving household will grow up to be Gay and I do know that the likely hood of them growing up to be pedophiles or abusive is just about nil. The last controversy I’ll talk about today is the legalization of drugs specifically Marijuana. I think the legalization of Marijuana is fine it would allow the government to control what goes into the product in other words you would probably see a decrease in PCP or Cocaine or even Heroin laced joints on the street and I think that’s a good one. I don’t know if the people involved in the growing and sale of legal pot can make the same profits. It would definitely reduce the amount of money the various law enforcement agencies spend on putting people in jail and they would have more room in jail for the more serious offenders. I wanted to thank everybody for the concern about my health I’m back my old form being a pain in Jeff’s ass so this me Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia. Hey bro let me have a hit of that would you.

One Response to “AND WHAT DO YOU THINK”

  1. valerie said

    I never realized we had the same thoughts in common I liked the last line also


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